Vegan Sourdough Toast Crunch


For this flavor, Butcher & Bee prepares their sourdough bread for us in three forms: fresh loaves, sweet crumbles, and caramelized croutons. They make their famous sourdough bread fresh daily using their 6-year-old sourdough starter (which means it’s packed with some stellar prebiotics!). We begin by steeping the fresh loaves into our vegan ice cream base of organic coconut cream, cashews and sunflower oil for multiple hours to let the sourdough flavors fully marinate. We then blend loads of their sweet sourdough crumbles into our ice cream base to add dimension – both in taste and texture. As our sourdough ice cream churns, we fold in bite-sized chunks of the caramelized croutons – reminiscent of crispy french toast bites. These sourdough croutons are crunchy on the outside and spongy on the inside with rich maple syrup notes plus hints of brown sugar & vanilla. We can’t wait for you to experience how our teams came together to transform Butcher & Bee’s famous sourdough bread three ways into our newest vegan ice cream flavor!


Organic Coconut Cream, Cashews, Cane Sugar, Butcher & Bee Sourdough Bread,  Butcher & Bee Sourdough Croutons, Butcher & Bee Sourdough Crumble, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt

Contains: Nuts, Wheat


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