Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


We crank the traditional idea for cookie dough ice cream up a notch when our baker, Maggie, makes pounds on pounds (roughly 150) of our eggless cookie dough from scratch with house made BrOwN BuTtEr, gigantic chocolate chips, and an extra pinch of sea salt!  We chop this dough into massive chunks and fold it (generously) into our creamy + dreamy brown butter ice cream, which we make by adding even more toasty house made brown butter into our traditional ice cream base. The brown butter creates an awesomely deep, nutty & caramelized kick to both the ice cream and cookie dough chunks!


Milk, Cream, House-Made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cane Sugar, Non-GMO Pasture-Raised Egg Yolks, Butter, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt

Contains: milk, eggs, wheat


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