Vegan Jam Sesh


For our fifth fall flavor release, we’ve partnered with one of our favorite cafe & bakeries, The Harbinger! Get ready to lose your minds because this ice cream is also FREE of gluten, nuts, soy and refined sugar! Inspired by The Harbinger’s uber popular Jam Sesh: a Tahini, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Chunk, Berry Compote bar. As The Harb likes to describe it, “reminiscent of a coffee cake with the virtue of a granola bar.” In this OT X Harb collab, we put our taste buds together to create the perfect ice cream version of their signature bar. To start, we created a tahini & sweet potato vegan ice cream base. We roast sweet potatoes in the oven until they ooze that amazing caramel-like glaze. Greer recommended that we put them in the oven and literally forget about them. When Greer gives baking tips, we take notes. The roasted sweet potatoes along with heaping amounts of creamy tahini get blended into our vegan ice cream base of Coconut Cream, House-made Oat Milk, and Coconut Sugar. This ice cream tastes just like Harbinger’s Jam Sesh bar – caramelly sweet with a soft, savory nuttiness! The toppings on this bar, berry compote + chocolate chips, become our ice cream mix-ins. We create a house Strawberry Jam using local Watsonia Farms Organic Strawberries and Coconut Sugar. Our strawberry jam and Cocoa Academic chocolate chips get swirled and folded into our tahini sweet potato ice cream. We are so excited to bring you this killer collab! HUGE thanks to The Harbinger for the origination, ideation, inspiration and support!


Organic Coconut Cream, Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, Coconut Sugar, Tahini, Sweet Potato, Organic Strawberries, Chocolate Chips, Sea Salt

Contains: Coconut


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