Carrot Cake


To begin, our kitchen manager, Maggie, whips up a homemade carrot cake recipe that was passed on to her by a family friend. She’s been enjoying this particular carrot cake for years, and it’s one of the first flavors she asked to make when she started working at Off Track almost two years ago! Locally-grown, organic carrots from our friends, Crescent Farm, in Laurens County, SC are peeled and shredded to get that perfect texture that adds moisture and a subtle carrot flavor to the cake. Next, Maggie mixes up the batter with a blend of spices and chopped walnuts to add extra texture. After baking, we crumble the carrot cake so that you can get some in each bite! 

On to the ice cream! For this flavor, we couldn’t ignore Carrot Cake’s best friend… Cream Cheese frosting.  We make a Cream Cheese ice cream base that comes out so dreamy, creamy and fluffy. As it churns, the carrot cake gets liberally sprinkled throughout each tub. Everything about this flavor screams spring!


Milk, Cream, Cream Cheese, House-Made Carrot Cake, Cane Sugar, Non-GMO Pasture-Raised Egg Yolks, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt

Contains: milk, eggs, wheat, nuts


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