Burnt Honey Salted Pistachio


Burnt Honey!?! What!? To start, we caramelized gallons of Savannah Bee Company Georgia Wildflower Honey over the stove. This burnt honey, now deliciously roasty and toasty with floral marshmallow notes, gets combined into our ice cream base.

Next, we crush up roasted and salted pistachios and sprinkle throughout our burnt honey ice cream for some deliciously salty crunch.

We’re super excited to bring this fun & unique flavor to y’all! It turns out roasting gallons of honey over the stove requires careful attention as we found ourselves dodging hot splatters of molten honey magma in the kitchen. However, we are happy to report that no one was injured in the burning of this honey! Come grab a scoop and taste the magic for yourself.


Milk, Cream, Georgia Wildflower Honey, Non-GMO Pasture-Raised Egg Yolks, Pistachio, Sea Salt

Contains: milk, eggs, nuts


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